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What did you say? A site all about ME! RIDICULOUS!

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These schnazberries taste like schnazberries!!

Hey you! Whats new?! Well see, this is my know, Miranda "THE" Killer Panda's site. I guess I'm an interesting person, but you can see for yourself. You're gonna learn ALOT about me so sit back and hold on baby! I know you'll learn to love me...unless you have a learning disability....and then I'll forgive you.

Take a look at whatever you want, I don't mind. Infact I'm going to be placing some nekkid pics of my sexy self in due time. HAH! I got you excited didn't I? Well nope, sorry, I like wearing my clothes. Anywho, I would love feedback in any, way, shape, or form. Keep it comin folks!

My kick ass fairy friend

What's New?

Hey, I'm makin changes all the time so don't expect this bad boy to be boring mkay?! PEACE

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.